Interviewing is a learned skill. I highly encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to prepare for interviews. For example, conduct informational interviews before an interview to get additional insight on the employer.

It is important to note that different types of employers look for different characteristics in candidates. In order to properly prepare, you will want to take the time to determine which characteristics are most important to the employer with whom you are interviewing, evaluate what it looks like to have these characteristics, and think about ways you can reflect these characteristics during your interview. For example, a law firm may predominantly be looking for candidates with intellectual agility, effective communication skills, ability to work on a team, and committed professionalism. A non-profit focusing on children may be predominately looking for candidates with commitment to public service, passion to serve, and desire to work with juvenile clients. I encourage you to reflect on what it means to have those qualities, then practice answering questions to reflect those behaviors and values.

You should always be prepared to answer the question of why you want to work for a particular employer. This is your big opportunity to show them that you are a great match for what they do and their mission. Also, be prepared to give examples from past experiences in your interview to support and strengthen your answers.

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