Top Resume Tips

  1. Must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Poor writing communicates to the reader that you are careless, not sure what is appropriate in the workplace, and not very interested in the position. You want to communicate the very opposite, that you are polished, professional, and enthusiastic about the position.
  2. Focus on accomplishments and outcomes over job duties. This will give the reader a snapshot of what you have to offer that is much more persuasive than just listing descriptive words.
  3. Customize your resume for the position you are seeking.  Each line should emphasize that you are “just the right person for THIS job.” Recruiters would rather disqualify your application materials than have to figure out if you have relevant experience.
  4. Most people spend approximately 15-30 seconds looking at a resume, so it must be succinct, easy to read, and provide only relevant information.
  5. If you are sending the resume electronically, make sure it is in a format that is readable and retains your formatting by all who receive it.
  6. Repeat the words that they use in the job posting.  Show that you are the right match for the job. Do not make them guess whether it is you.
  7. There is no perfect rule regarding the length of a resume.  You have to know your audience to know how much detail they want.
  8. Make sure your online profiles match the information in your resume.  Inconsistencies can sink your prospects because employers may view them as dishonesty.


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