Here is what people are saying about Resume & Cover Letter Help:

After being in the same job for 18 years, I applied for a fairly presigious government job. Erin’s insight and input were invaluable in my application process. Her ability to help present the best and most relevant qualities in cover letters and resumes are second to none. When I went in for my final interview, my interviewer told me that he had never seen a resume that was so well tailored to address the requirements of the position. Needless to say, I got the job.
~Diane B.: Senior Attorney, Los Angeles County, California

Erin’s assistance in making my cover letter and resume convey who I really am played a major part in me getting the job of my dreams. Her attention to detail and personal approach coupled with her expansive bank of resources made her input invaluable. I have no doubt that Erin’s ability to make my strengths shine sent my resume to the top of the stack. Thank you Erin!
~Camille Boudreau: Attorney at Law, Children’s Law Center of California, California

Before going in to see you, I had scraped together what pieces of “job experience” I had, and let’s be honest that wasn’t very much nor was it geared toward any jobs in my career path.  After sitting down and speaking with you regarding my resume, I learned some tricks to spruce myself up.  Who knew word choice could make such a difference?  After my talk with you, I walked into my internship interview and crushed it!  Eventually that interview turned into the career I have now, and it’s all thanks to you.
~Kyle Wandell: IT Help Desk Director, Private Investment Banking Company, New York